The GSIS Approach

GSIS is an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer firm dedicated to a globally diversified portfolio approach to investing.

The investment community, supported by the media, is set up to encourage investors to seek market-beating returns by hiring “active” managers, to implement large alternative investment allocations, to make economic and market-based forecasts, and to encourage “market timing” tactical trades to take advantage of these opinions. GSIS avoids these approaches.

GSIS was created as the NextGen OCIO in response to the evolution of the market. We have developed a number of key resource and research partnerships with world-class organizations to expand the breadth and depth of our internal capabilities. We embrace technology to outsource all non-investment related tasks, which allows us to focus our efforts to design and implement the highest quality investment programs.

The Guiding Principles of GSIS are:

  • Strategy over Forecasting
  • Passive over Active Management
  • Simplicity over Complexity
  • Transparency over Opaqueness
  • Low Fee over High Fee

Importantly, we offer no proprietary products. Our clients are direct shareholders of their investments at an independent third-party custodian to provide asset safekeeping, a high level of transparency and tax efficiency.