GSIS: The NextGen OCIO Advantage

Global Strategic Investment Solutions (GSIS) is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We are not a bank, broker-dealer, or investment product sponsor. The founders of GSIS pioneered the original OCIO model over 30 years ago and created our firm as the NextGen OCIO. Our innovative structure (outlined below) harnesses the power of the FinTech revolution and represents a significant enhancement compared to traditional investment advisory and OCIO providers.

The GSIS NextGen OCIO investment department structure features the benefits enjoyed by the nation’s multi-billion dollar investment pools (endowments, pensions, family offices) that employ their own full-time internal Chief Investment Officer and investment staff.  Due to industry pressure, these entities have slashed their staff headcount and outsourced many critical tasks to experts to increase the breadth of their resources and capabilities, while reducing costs and improving results. GSIS utilizes many of the same outsourced experts, which allows us to operate more efficientlyWe pass on the savings as lower OCIO fees.

Key benefits include:

Independence and Objectivity – Conflict-free with no affiliation with any other entity and no proprietary vehicles
Customization – Asset allocation solutions that match client objectives
Governance – Full-time proactive oversight of investment program
Cost-Effective – Better outcomes from thoughtful all-in portfolio cost management


We Drive Client Success with
Evidence-Based Investment Expertise
Scaled through Technology

Private Markets<br/>&#160;Innovation

Private Markets

Private Market Investments come with significant benefits and risks. Our access to elite private investment firms allow us to capture the best of private equity, credit, real assets, and niche opportunities without many of the costs, risks, illiquidity, complexity, and tax headaches. 

Multi-Factor<br/>Risk Approach

Risk Approach

Risk is emergent and dynamic. We have built a world-class investment program and risk framework informed by our decades of experience overseeing multibillion-dollar institutional portfolios. Regimes shift. Be ready.

FinTech-Enabled Customization

FinTech-Enabled Customization

A thoughtfully implemented technology stack provides flexibility and integration across the investment decision and client reporting lifecycles. Portfolio shifts can be rapidly implemented and reported in a fraction of the time.  

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