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Investment Beliefs

Long-Term Perspective

Long-Term Perspective

We Are Disciplined Investors (5+ Year Horizon) And Believe Patience Is Critical To Generating Risk-Adjusted Return, Called Alpha

Allocation Decisions Are Made Thoughtfully Based On An Economic Underpinning That Takes Advantage Of Proven Long-Term Market Relationships. 

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Market Fluctuations Create Opportunities.

We Apply An Active Strategic Process, Tilting Portfolios Towards Asset Classes Offering Superior Future Risk-Adjusted Returns.

Long-Term Drivers Of Return Are Strengthened By Evaluating Additional Information Sources At Different Horizons To Create A More Robust Allocation Process.

Efficient Portfolio Execution

Efficient Portfolio Execution

As Fiduciaries, We Steward Our Clients' Assets With A Sharp Focus On Delivering Significant Value While Reducing Complexity.

We Employ A Focus On Low-Cost Rules-Based Strategies In Public Markets, Which Saves Fee Budgets For Alpha-Generating Private And Semi-Liquid Investment Opportunities.

Costs Really <br/>Matter

Costs Really

Cost Is The Most Effective Control To Improve Portfolio Returns. A Dollar Saved On Fees Means A Dollar Greater Net Return, Allowing Better Long-Term Compounding Of Capital.

Costs Must Be Allocated Intelligently To Maximize The Value For The Investment Program

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